Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It has been awhile!

I have not posted in forever! We have had a lot going on - I thought I'd put up a few random pictures. Greyson turned 2 at the end of March - he got a new sandbox which he loves. The girls love it too - should be even better if the weather warms up some more:)

He really did have a great time on his birthday - I just didn't take too many pictures so this is the one I got with his cake (or cupcakes, I guess)

We went to Meijer Gardens awhile ago (don't even remember when it was!). The kids loved the butterflies - I will resist posting pictures of the dead butterfly that Sydney took with the camera.

Greyson has been growing up and turning into such a big boy! He talks non-stop and non-quietly. He has been a ton of fun - it has been fun to see his personality come through.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photo Dump

Photo Dump from the past few months...I still have not put the Australia and New Zealand Pictures up yet - I'll do that soon.
We went to Missouri for Thanksgiving this year - Grandma and Grandpa K with our kids and Missouri cousins
Sydney loved helping gather eggs - I think she wants us to get chickens

Syd loved the chickens - Raleigh was not too sure:)

Greyson loves his rugby ball we got him from New Zealand - I love it when he asks me to play catch (or actually chase)

James completed his goal of 100 Geocaches in one day. Greyson and I got 6 additional for him just in case he needed a few extra, which he didn't.

This is Greyson and me geocaching - Grey would clap when we found one and give me a high-five.

Oh yeah...this is a daily occurance. (You may want to bring your own TP if you come to our house)

The kids love the snow. Greyson was not too sure about his snowpants and boots until he got outside. He did not want to come inside! Glad it is only the beginning of winter...many more days to have him help shovel.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We took the kids to ArtPrize this year. We went to Meijer Gardens on one day and then downtown a few days later. The kids loved it.This was the girls' favorite entry- it was at the Gardens. The steel circle moved when you played on it - it was really fun.
Sydney also liked the huge flowers - the insides were made out of beads.

Okay, this is not ArtPrize but it is really cool. Meijer Gardens has a whole bunch of Chihuli glass pieces. I liked his art better than some of the other stuff we saw!

One more piece...
we liked a lot downtown too but I did not bring the camera. Sydney's favorite was the Elephants and Raleigh liked the giant penny made outof pennys. We are already looking forward to next year:)


A couple of weeks ago, we found our 200th Geocache. Raleigh spotted it in a tree. We have had a ton of fun with our new hobby!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey Mom...

Hey Mom - look what I found...

...thanks to Grey...
...at least he likes to clean up...

...especially with the help of his sisters!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Becky Ellis' Wedding

Raleigh and Sydney were in my friend's (well, second cousin) wedding last weekend. The wedding and reception were at a cottage on Lake Michigan.

The girls did great and we had a lot of fun!

Mike and Becky with the girls

The girls danced a lot!

We were so glad to be such a fun part of Becky's wedding - it was so nice that it was in Michigan and the kids could be in it. Best Wishes Becky and Mike!